Best service is to make your sales grow steadily

Lazyshop meets the shopping habits of consumers in different countries,websites are more localized,both branding and marketing apply.

Advanced analytics

It has an accurate data monitoring system to help you master comprehensive consumption data, so that you can clearly know the effect of each investment.

Included with...
  • Sessions
  • Order
  • Sales
  • Conversion rate
  • Landing page
  • Source platform

Automated Reports

Manage orders, receipts, shipping, merchandise, and view reports on products, orders, visitor browsing behavior, and more to keep everything tracked.

User Journey Flow

Browsing behavior, detailed records View various browsing trajectories and interactive behaviors of visitors on the website, gain insight into preferences, and point analysis for enterprises to accurately find high-intent potential customers.

Promotion channels

Open up multiple platforms (shopify) to manage products synchronously, making the operation easier.

Easy Customization

Theme templates are rich and diverse, with diversified editing to make your store stand out